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Bobwhite Quail Shoot

Have you been wanting to go quail hunting but can't find the time?  Have limited access to land? No bird dogs?  Don't look any further!  Our quail shoots offer all of the excitement of a live bird hunt without any of the hassle. Read below to find out more on how to book your own Texas Quail Shootout or click the button below to view our photo/video gallery!

Quail Shoot Overview

Available Packages

Quail Covey Run offers 4 different packages to accommodate our clients! All of our packages focus on providing you with a fun, safe shooting experience!  Details on each package can be found on our plans & prices page (click the button below).   If you have special requests, please contact us to discuss.

Hunts are held onsite at Quail Covey Run in Wesley, TX.  We are 1hr 35 min from Austin, 1 hr 19 min from Houston and 1 hr from College Station!

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How to Book Your Quail Shoot

If you and your party are interested in booking a quail shoot with us, please call or email so that we can try our best to "custom fit" the package you are interested in as much as possible.

Reach out to us by phone or text at 281-384-3425 or 979-251-2833.  

you can also email us at


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