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Making Your Reservation at Quail Covey Run

Raising quality flight conditioned quail is no easy task, and most likely the reason why you find so few producers in a given geographic area.   The reduction in quail farming coupled with the consistent demand for bobwhite quail  has put significant stress on supply.

Every year, we find ourselves in situations where hunters or trainers are desperate for bobwhites, but we have limited supply outside of the quail that are contracted.

If you think you will use 250+ quail in a year, a great way to guarantee availability is to reserve them!  Here is how it works:



Consider how many quail you or your hunting outfit will need for the quail season

Plan Ahead

Most quail hunting takes place between Sept and the end of Feb.

Contact Us

You can reserve your quail with a simple contract and $2 deposit!

Peace of Mind

If you don't use all of the quail you reserved, you can carry them over to the next year!

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